as story of dust

In each atom are many oceans of worlds,
Their locations each different, beautifully pure ;
Thus does infinity enter into one,
Yet each unit is distinct, with no overlap.*

A Story of Dust is an abstract narration evoking the idea that a world, even minuscule, can contain an infinity of other worlds.
Bones coming from Henry VIII’s kitchens in Greenwich are cyclically revealed on the Thames’ shores. These bones, which were chopped or broken prior to being thrown into the river, are eroded by the stir of the waters and ends up resembling to sculptures evoking sometimes Palaeolithic Venus or torsos of antic statues perforated by marin worms. Worlds contained in a world.
The images were produced by a black and white photocopier allowing prints without retouch, the precariousness and fragility of the medium recalling the transitory and ephemeral nature of the subject – as of all things.

Avatamsaka Sutra, written between the 1st. and 8th century, India

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